My Style

I have always loved the color black. There isn’t a room in my house that doesn’t feature a touch of black here or there. As for my wardrobe, I dally in a broader palate in the warmer months, but my base is always black. Some say it is the easy way. I say it is the elegant way. No matter. Today, as we headed out to a New Year’s Day house party brunch, I celebrated the color black in a:

White House Black Market sweater

Gifted leggings

Sam Edelman booties

A Dutch? German? asymmetrical coat I intend to wear in my wheelchair

A badass necklace I found at a local consignment shop

It’s me. You don’t need to understand it, although I love it when you do!

2020. The perfect expression, a shorthand for clarity. How will you express yours this year? Whatever you do, don’t leave it in the closet.


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